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Crest of Empire

About Crest of Empire

Crest of Empire is a solo game that I created. This game is heavaly inspired by Delve as well as a myraid of other 4x style games. It can be played with pen and paper or you can use components from games you already own. When I play I use borrow peices form twilight imperium 3

Playing is simple you start with one system and each turn spread out building industries and fleets. as time goes on your empire will face crisis. will your empire have what it take to stand the test of time? or will you wall to inasion in civil strife? I also have a Battle Simulator that you can use to calculate the outcome of battle.

Version 1 of the rules was made very quickly as inspiration hit late at night and I wanted to get it down on paper. My plan is to update the rules as I play more and get feedback. Version 2 is a little better organized and includes a few more rules and clarifications. My plan with all of my content on this site is show a progression, not only in virtual game develpment but also for my own personal growth as a game designer and to showcase how a game might evolve over time.

Download Crest of Empire 2.1

Crest of Empire 2.0

Crest of Empire 1.0