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Hex Grid Demo

This took me a little less than a week. I had meant to spend that week building a simple war game on top of a grid like this and ran into issues with distance calculations. It took several rewrites to find arrive here. I thought about holding off on this until then but my goal in these pages is not perfection. The goal of all these projects is to try something new and see how much I can do in a week. My most clear imputus for doing this site was hearing that Stephen King writes 2000 words evey day good or bad. Even if a bunch of what he writes every day is junk which i doubt he undoubtly makes PROGRESS. Probably the most clear way of putting it the cult of done.

The Cult of Done

Cult of Done

The Cult of Done is a manifesto of 13 ideas on how to make progress on your goals. It was written down years ago and while not what made me start this it is inspiring.